Artist Endorsement: Andrew Ferris

Artist Endorsement: Andrew Ferris

We are pleased to announce our endorsement of young, unsigned singer-songwriter Andrew Ferris.

Currently based in Austria, Andrew approached us via one of our social media channels for assistance with his studio upgrade.

In the first of a series of artist endorsements, he will be evaluating the Chord cables and giving honest feedback over the coming months.

Andrew gives an insight into him, his inspiration and future ambitions, below:

“I’m not afraid to say that I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I took the road less travelled, made mistakes dressed up as fun. But I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one”. 

With introspective and honest lyrics, British songwriter Andrew Ferris is a rarity in today’s music scene. There aren’t many performers out there these days that are willing to share their most personal life experiences and feelings with the audience, going against the stereotypes of the “music business” façade.

For Andrew, it’s all about the art and his dedication to it has proven to be so deep and genuine that it truly changed his life: Andrew has busked his way across Europe and shared his songs from heart to heart in the most humble and primitive interaction between performer and listener.

His music falls somewhere in between folk and indie-pop, with an essentialist approach that reflects the strength of his live act and the emotional strength of his lyrics and melodies.

The fragility of the songs featured on his debut EP “Red Lorry” is also their strength; Andrew writes songs with an honest and matter-of-fact approach that is reflected by his music and lyrics.  He focuses on his studio work as opposed to his live performances, developing and exploring the format of video-song, opening the door to new possibilities and ways to share his art with people. Examples of these video-songs can be seen at his youtube channel –



Artist Endorsement


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