Chord range expands with new Signature and Indigo Tuned ARAY

Chord range expands with new Signature and Indigo Tuned ARAY

Sarum Tuned ARAY cables have been available since October 2012 and have almost immediately gained a reputation for producing – in all sorts of systems – a truly transformational performance.  Check out Jason Kennedy in The EAR

Tuned ARAY technology really is a breakthrough in interconnect design.  Phrases like “This is a game changer” and “I really didn’t know how good my system really is” are being heard rather frequently.

Why is Tuned ARAY causing so much comment?   Well, forget for a moment what’s going on within the system and take a listen to a much loved piece of music – this is where it gets really cool.

Tuned ARAY technology carries micro-dynamic and micro-tonal information with pretty much an unprecedented degree of clarity.  This means every instrument or voice, every piece of percussion, becomes not just clear but has a real sense of pitch and timbre.  The sense of instruments and voices sitting solidly within a stereo image is so powerful, that certain recordings make you feel that you could reach out and touch the performers.

Music sounds real and engrossing, often exciting – and almost always moving.  There’s a new level of involvement with everything you play.  THIS is what your system, your CD player, your amplifier, your DAC or your streamer is capable of sounding like.  Tuned ARAY cables let you hear your system properly.  Every component we’ve used with Tuned ARAY  has turned out to be better (and in some cases a lot better!) than we had thought.  That’s special!

Special too, is the new range of Signature Tuned ARAY and Indigo Tuned ARAY interconnects.  These cables use the same technology that we developed for the Sarum Tuned ARAY and the results are every bit as impressive.  All the really crucial areas of performance are there – and there’s that same extraordinary sense of witnessing a performance, rather than listening to a piece of recorded music.  We’ve been playing “Take Five” from the live album “We’re All Together Again for the First Time”.  Fifteen minutes of fabulous live jazz with outstanding solos throughout.  Listen to this with Tuned ARAY and the sheer brilliance, inventiveness and subtlety of Alan Dawson’s drumming is so easy to hear.  Tuned ARAY technology does something remarkable with cymbals and Dawson uses every part of his cymbals to create a huge array of tones and dynamics from his drum kit.

Chord Indigo Tuned ARAY

Chord Indigo Tuned ARAY

Chord Signature Tuned ARAY

Chord Signature Tuned ARAY




These are cables you need to listen to.   They’re capable of transforming your system and giving you a new level of insight and involvement with your favourite music.  Go see your local dealer, put Signature Tuned ARAY or Indigo Tuned ARAY into your system and find out just how good your favourite music really sounds.

Indigo Tuned ARAY is available in RCA and XLR connections.
Signature Tuned ARAY is available in RCA, XLR and DIN connections


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  1. Here are some words by one of our customers that sum up Tuned ARAY cables so well, we asked him if we could put them on this blog.

    Well here’s a follow up to my query and your reply, been a long time coming but as you read you will see why. And sorry in advance for the length of this mail.

    Anyway I didn’t go with the Chorus at the time. My system is full Rega including all cables. I had used the Rega Couple interconnect satisfactorily for many years.

    About that time I was reading excellent reports about your Sarum TA, quickly followed by news of your Signature TA.

    At the time I thought £765 for an interconnect is silly money and how could it be worth that.

    But I had a word with my dealer [Tony at Basically Sound] and he had not heard one so could give me no advice, other than to suggest that it may be better to think of changing my Elicit amp for the newly released Elicit R.
    So he managed to get a demo Signature TA in from your good selves for me to try at home.

    Well, I guess I’ve no need to go into detail about what I found, as you should know. Gobsmacked!!

    It is exactly as you describe it. You do listen to music in a different way, as it’s just like being at a concert. Many of my discs are of live recordings, and one by Mary Black was recorded at a concert which I was present at, and I’m getting the closest sound to that concert I’ve ever heard [it’s one of my favourite demo discs for obvious reasons – I was there and know how it sounded then and the emotional impact].

    An order was duly placed and the dem pair returned to Tony, and I have never missed an item of hifi as much, while waiting for my pair.

    When they arrived I collected them from Basically Sound and while there did a comparison of my Elicit to the new Elicit R, to see if I should have changed my amp [I am actually very happy with my Elicit, even though everyone says the new one is much better]. Interconnect for the dem was a pair of Linn cables [Black I think]. Let’s just say results were nowhere near the level I had with the Signature TA at home.

    So I now think £765 is a bargain for what they do.

    Its obvious all interconnects I’ve heard before were not letting the Saturn show its best results, they were bottlenecks. Not so with the Signature TA, now I have no need or thought of changing the Saturn.

    I think in 30 years of interest of hifi, adding the Signature TA has been one of my most rewarding and biggest steps forward I can think of.

    A couple of instances … Derek and the Dominos – Layla. Much as I liked it I could never really get into it, but now I cannot stop playing it. “Bell Bottom Blues” is just amazing and I can now feel what is being put across.
    Eva Cassidy -Live at Blues Alley. The track “What a Wonderful World”, wasn’t one of my favorites. But now, you can sense that the audience go deadly silent, you could hear a pin drop. Then she starts to sing and it can bring tears to your eyes.

    I could go on, I’ve got a new CD collection [read that many times, but for me it’s true]. Hearing things I’ve never heard in 30 years. But although the sound is better, it’s the emotion and feeling that I get now that I never got before.
    It’s as you say, you listen in a different way. You don’t concentrate on the sound; instead you are drawn into the music.

    So, many thanks for yourselves at Chord and Tony at Basically Sound.

    Oh, and I just wonder if you may, if it’s possible, bring out a cheaper TA mains cable sometime in the future?


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