Glastonbury Memories

Glastonbury Memories

Nigel Finn: (Technical Director) Fender Jazz bass player and badly in love with his Huss and Dalton parlour guitar.

“I’m struggling but I think it was seeing The Cure in 1986 playing while thunder storm happened.  An amazing set ending with an extraordinarily powerful and cathartic version of Pornography.  Rain, lightning and  what felt like everyone caught up and singing.  If you Google this you can download the concert and it still sounds amazing.”


David May: (Sales) and top quality technical advice – a Fender man through and through  – although he has to buy a Gibson every now and then just to be sure.

“My overriding memory is scaling the perimeter wall only to land face to face next to a security guard who told me to climb straight back over.  He wouldn’t even let me go back through a gate. I learned an important lesson that day.  I learned to always look for a better spot with no security guards.”


Mike Robinson: (Sales)  90% genius and renowned expert on cider-inspired dancing.

“Jay Z coming out to Wonderwall.  Absolutely (expletive)  Electric!!”


Ian Browne: (Despatch) and company new wave/punk expert.  Fender Nashville Telecaster player

“Elvis Costello entertaining on the Saturday night Pyramid stage with just a acoustic guitar and a boom box, then coming back on for an encore and playing Pump It Up with Attractions.”

“My wife Flo and myself dancing in an empty tent to DJ we thought we recognised from Salisbury.  Only to discover once the tent was packed that it was in fact Fat Boy Slim.”

“The Damned playing  in a sweaty circus tent while the rest of the festival watched Radiohead.”


Lisa Jukes: (Test & pack and accounts) and the second best coffee maker in the world.

“I went  to Glastonbury with my family when I was about 12.  I remember queuing for ages to get in –  it was dark and raining by the time we got in and the tent went up.  I remember watching the bands sat on the grass in front of the huge stage.  Eurythmics were playing.  Lots of different foods, loads of lovely stalls and I remember buying a mushroom candle!  Remember walking up a little hill then looking down on all of the festival and thinking –  Wow that’s huge!  Brilliant experience – loved it!”


Paul Telling: (Design & Marketing), scooterist, vinylist, bassist, sitarist – purveyor of contemporary art & collectables.

“Summer 1994/5 – “Locals only” post Glastonbury party in a big tent on the Pilton sports field. Entrance money in a biscuit tin on the gate.  Rumours abound within the small crowd.  Suprised and delighted with the perfect pop and soaring, 3-part harmonies of Dodgy, but blown away when the Stone Roses roll up for the secret finale. Undeniable magicians, not always on key, but who cares when you are that cool.”


Richard Senior: (Production Manager), computer wrangler and metronomic drummer. “How much did that snare cost Rich?” “Umm I’d rather not say..”

“Watching Stevie Wonder play Glastonbury 40th anniversary as the sun set over the Pyramid Stage”




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