Audio Sanctuary

Audio Sanctuary


35 High Street, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 4BY, UK

About Audio Sanctuary:

„We proudly provide expert advice on both home and portable audio solutions for your lifestyle. From headphones to music streaming and all the connections in between, we’re here to make it easy. Our friendly, knowledgeable team offers great customer service, including fast delivery to quickly get you up and running.

Our first-class relationships with the world’s biggest brands means we can give you the best products and deliver superb aftercare. Plus, you can listen to many of our products at our London (UK) showroom. We also do repairs and can refresh your existing headphones: we’re a worldwide provider for Sennheiser and can access parts and spares for most major brands, from Shure to Audeze and Beyerdynamic to B&W.”


About Unilet:

Unilet opened their doors in 1969 and since then have aimed to deliver the best possible home audio solutions alongside excellent class leading customer care. Their knowledge extends far beyond just the technical merits of equipment. Instead they can offer you an audio or visual system that is far more digestible in terms of a complete solution that works perfectly for you and fits harmoniously within your environment.

Each member of the team has a specific area of expertise. Streaming is becoming a stable way of listening to audio within the home and Unilet have specialists able to help with just that. Alongside streaming they are also able to assist with conventional HiFi systems, everything to do with turntables, home cinema installations, hifi repair and also aerial installations.”

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