Album Review: Richmond Fontaine „Post To Wire”

Album Review: Richmond Fontaine „Post To Wire”


There’s always a degree of discomfort when it comes to writing about albums that have been out for a while.  „Post To Wire” was released in 2003 and I had my first copy then.  It may be the mark of a properly great album that this is my third copy.  It’s one of those albums you lend to your friends and never get back!   A month or so ago I gave up and ordered another copy – and even though I’d remembered how good the songs on „Post To Wire” were, hearing them again was a delight.

Richmond Fontaine is one of the great undiscovered bands, with a string of wonderful and cruelly overlooked albums to their name.  What sets „Post To Wire” apart though, is its accessibility.  Wonderful as they are, Richmond Fontaine albums can be dark and desperately bleak places.  „Post To Wire” though, has moments of optimism and even out and out happiness.

The song that so stuck in my head and drove me to buy this album again, is the title track. „Post To Wire” (the song) is two minutes long and just about the most perfect love song ever written.  Everything – the lyrics, the vocal duet, the pedal steel break, sums up a troubled relationship so well – and with such compassion and clarity, all in the space of just two beautiful minutes.

The fact is, all the songs on this album are really good and very well recorded, but I can’t think of a music collection that wouldn’t be improved by the two perfect minutes that is „Post To Wire”.  One of the best love songs you’ll ever hear.  Nigel Finn


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