Chord Company: The Sweden Connection

Chord Company: The Sweden Connection

Chord Company Managing Director, Alan Gibb, reports from Sweden on the thriving hi-fi scene and the discerning listeners at the Goteborg Show.

“Gothenburg is the major Swedish hi-fi show of the year. The event is spread across two hotels and is well attended by both manufacturers and hi-fi enthusiasts. We spent the weekend letting people hear the importance of shielded speaker cables in the final musical performance of a Naim SuperUniti / Neat Momentum speaker system.

We also fitted streaming cables to the SuperUniti. That was the best part of the show for me, as people are often sceptical about cable importance when moving digital signals through a hi-fi system. To everyone’s surprise, the differences were clear and just as important as the speaker cable differences.


It’s not a prison cell, it’s a state-of-the-art audio cable workstation

Tidal is very popular, so the streaming demonstrations were particularly relevant. Sweden’s hi-fi fans take their sounds seriously and this instant and cost-effective upgrade  raised a few eyebrows during the demonstrations and was the perfect complement to the systems we were running.

The team at Instereo can offer the full Chord Co cable ranges, including custom terminations –  and their growing list of retailers are stocking demo cables to try before you buy.”

It wasn't all hi-fi and cables.

It wasn’t all work.  Man has to eat, after all


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