Product review: English Electric EE1 - Hi-Fi Choice Aug 2024

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THE best way to connect your streamer or digital music player to your network is via a cable connection and only a high-quality Ethernet

Product review: English Electric EE1 Network Noise Isolater - The Speaker Shack March 2024

’It’s clear that the EE1 placed in my system benefits with improved noise reduction and therefore better sound and also from the tests that I have done when placed strategically between the switch and streamer, when you consider that the EE1 is a tenth of the price of the S100 data switch that I reviewed...

Product review: Chord Company RumourX speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice Mar 2024

’Cecilia Bartolithe’s vocal gymnastics grab my attention from the outset. The soundstage is superbly three-dimensional in its presentation. Bartoli is clearly located right in front of the orchestra which, as with the Yarlung Records recording before it, fills the entire width of my listening room behind her. In short, as a speaker cable, the RumourX...

Product review: English Electric EE1 - The Ear Feb 2024

’..the EE1 proved just the ticket, and I was now dancing around the house like Mr Quick from the film Saltburn, albeit I kept my clothes on.’ ’..ask your dealer to loan you an EE1 to try it. To get the best out of the EE1, those with more expensive systems may need to budget...

Product review: Chord Company EpicX speaker cable - The Speaker Shack Feb 2024

’Considering the price point the EpicX speaker cables are better suited to my systems performance elevating the musical pleasure with superb detail retrieval and a more defined and solid bass delivery, ambient sounds can be heard more clearly with layers of detail that can be fully heard, they were not missing but not as clear...