Product review: Chord Company ClearwayX speaker cable - Hi-Fi World Sept 2020

„The improvements were ‚night and day’, especially with the higher-end Cambridge kit and ‚speakers. Bass was more revealing and bestowed with tangible solidity, a sonic looseness of the cheaper wire disappearing altogether. Midrange clarity – strings and vocals in particular – was better, while previously-elusive treble details now burst out of the mix. The system...

Product review: English Electric 8Switch - HiFi+ 185 Sept 2020

„The final contrast I made was between the English Electric and a Netgear GS108 with a Longdog Audio linear power supply, this proved to be the closest match of the lot but with an orchestral piece the 8Switch delivered distinctly sweeter highs and stronger melodic drive, this time invoking an air baton out of thin,...

Product review: Chord Company Epic XL speaker cable - High Fidelity (Poland) Sept 2020

Chord Company EpicXL speaker cable reviewed by High Fidelity (Poland) Sept 2020 „Nie wiem na ile to dla państwa ważne, ale z tym kablem trzaski na płytach LP nie drażnią i nie przeszkadzają. Wszystkie płyty brzmią przyjemnie, ładnie, gęsto. Bo to raczej ciepło brzmiący kabel niż kabel analityczny. Słucha się z nim muzyki w komforcie,...

Product review: Chord Company Epic USB - Hi-Fi News Sept 2020 EDITOR'S CHOICE

„Just like Chord’s original Signature ‘Tuned Aray’ cable, the current Epic USB promotes a sound that’s smooth, richly detailed and very expressive. On first exposure it might appear to lack some ‘bite’, but in practice there’s no lack of colour or contrast to its richly hued performance.” Hi-Fi News  

Product review: English Electric 8Switch - Hi-Fi Choice 464 July 2020

„Consistently improves network performance; well made and easy to use.” „A well engineered product that can both boost network audio devices and add convenience”. Hi-Fi Choice 464 July 2020  

Product review: English Electric 8Switch - Hi-Fi Critic June 2020 BEST BUY

„Realistically priced, it really did deliver on its promise of better wired network sound. Careful design, matched with great build quality and finish, plus fine value for money” English Electric 8Switch – BEST BUY – Hi-Fi Critic June 2020

Product review: English Electric 8Switch - The Ear June 2020 BEST BUY

„the 8Switch has the key characteristics associated with Chord cables, namely great timing and coherence, which are crucial to making reproduced music sound realistic and enjoyable in the home. Add to this its conveniently compact size and high quality fit and finish and you have a product that anyone with a streaming source will find...

Product review Chord Company LeylineX speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice magazine 463 June 2020

” Her voice is consistently clear and precise, with no trace of sibilance. The lower frequencies in the instrumental backing are tight and punchy and the percussion is crisp and clean throughout. In summary, the LeylineX is an amazingly robust and impressive value speaker cable,” Hi-Fi Choice 463