Product review: Chord Company C-jack Mini-jack/RCA cable - Hi-Fi Choice 483 Nov 2021

„..a rich and full performance that is both exciting and involving, with a wide soundstage. There is a lot of depth on show, which is quite a surprise considering the price. In conclusion, Chord Company’s C-jack is very affordable and will deliver significant sonic benefits over rival low-cost adapter cables.” Hi-Fi Choice  

Product review: Chord Company GroundARAY - Hi-Fi Choice 481 Sept 2021

„Noise is the scourge of any audio system and anything one can do to lower it has to be a good thing.. In my system, the effect of the GroundARAY is most apparent when used with a preamp. This is a great device for any high-end system and having one or two of these units...

Product review: Chord Company Clearway XLR - Hi-Fi Choice 481 Sept 2021

„The imaging and depth are superb and the music never seems to emanate from the speaker cabinets but, rather, from ‘virtual instruments’ within my room. In summary, this reasonably priced XLR interconnect offers a really refined presentation across a wide range of music.” Hi-Fi Choice        

Product review: Chord Company GroundARAY - The Audio Beat August 2021

„..inserting an RJ45-equipped GroundARAY into an unused socket on the switch didn’t just snap high-res files into focus; it brought a welcome sense of stability and presence to the replay, significantly narrowing the normally all-too-obvious gap to physical media. For all computer audiophiles out there, this is a must-try upgrade. If you are running a...

Product review: Chord Company C-screenX speaker cable - Hi-Fi World June 2021

The C-screenX represents a massive improvement over the DIY-store stuff

Product review: Chord Company Epic Analogue RCA - Hi-Fi Choice April 2021

„I turn to Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass’ Casino Royale. Alpert’s strident trumpet really stands out, and I am aware of the tremendous dynamics of the recording. There is no excessive harshness or over brightness with the trumpet and it really does sound like it’s being played live in my listening room. This is...

Product review: Chord Company Shawline USB - Hi-Fi World April 2021

USB cables matter „For the serious computer audiophile. Give it a try…or miss out! ..impeccable construction – soundwise, improvements all round „ Hi-Fi World April 2021      

Product review: Chord Company C-screenX speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice 472 Feb 2021

” it’s a great performer at the price – so if you’re after an affordable, fine-sounding, no-nonsense loudspeaker cable, then here it is. Chord Company’s C-screenX ticks all the boxes, and is particularly good value if you terminate it yourself.” Hi-Fi Choice