Product review: Chord Company C-screenX speaker cable - Hi-Fi World June 2021

The C-screenX represents a massive improvement over the DIY-store stuff

Product review: Chord Company Epic Analogue RCA - Hi-Fi Choice April 2021

„I turn to Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass’ Casino Royale. Alpert’s strident trumpet really stands out, and I am aware of the tremendous dynamics of the recording. There is no excessive harshness or over brightness with the trumpet and it really does sound like it’s being played live in my listening room. This is...

Product review: Chord Company Shawline USB - Hi-Fi World April 2021

USB cables matter „For the serious computer audiophile. Give it a try…or miss out! ..impeccable construction – soundwise, improvements all round „ Hi-Fi World April 2021      

Product review: Chord Company C-screenX speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice 472 Feb 2021

” it’s a great performer at the price – so if you’re after an affordable, fine-sounding, no-nonsense loudspeaker cable, then here it is. Chord Company’s C-screenX ticks all the boxes, and is particularly good value if you terminate it yourself.” Hi-Fi Choice  

Product review: Chord Company ClearwayX speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice 468 Nov 2020

„The rhythmic instrumental backing has a super-tight bass that is both full and punchy throughout. In short, the ClearwayX is a great screened loudspeaker cable at the price and it works well across a wide range of different musical genre.” Hi-Fi Choice 468  

Product review: Chord Company EpicX speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice 467 Oct 2020

„The EpicX effortlessly delivers the commanding authority and power of the performance and conveys the air and space of the recording hall. The clarity and dynamics of the instruments are in perfect proportion to the ambience of the environment, all of which is impeccably recreated in my listening room.” Hi-Fi Choice  

Product review: Chord Company ClearwayX speaker cable - Hi-Fi World Sept 2020

„The improvements were 'night and day’, especially with the higher-end Cambridge kit and 'speakers. Bass was more revealing and bestowed with tangible solidity, a sonic looseness of the cheaper wire disappearing altogether. Midrange clarity – strings and vocals in particular – was better, while previously-elusive treble details now burst out of the mix. The system...

Product review: English Electric 8Switch - HiFi+ 185 Sept 2020

„The final contrast I made was between the English Electric and a Netgear GS108 with a Longdog Audio linear power supply, this proved to be the closest match of the lot but with an orchestral piece the 8Switch delivered distinctly sweeter highs and stronger melodic drive, this time invoking an air baton out of thin,...