Product review: Chord Company PowerHAUS M6 distribution block - Paul Rigby Audiophile Man Feb 24

 ’..the PowerHAUS M6 provided a broadly balanced and neutral output with smooth, detailed and intricate detail plus a strong bass output. It also provided a superb power support providing low noise, a strong low frequency foundation and plenty of detail for the upper regions. I realise that this is a pricey item indeed and sure,...

Product review: English Electric EE1 - Hi-Fi News Feb 2024

’..the EE1 might be the last bit of finessing from which your system will benefit, rather than a universal catch-all, and is thus an add-on to be auditioned long and hard in your own ‘network environment’’ ’In general it was atmospheric recordings, from intimate jazz to ‘big acoustic’ classical and choral, that benefited the most,...

Product review: Chord Company Epic X ARAY analogue interconnect - Hi-Fi Choice 509 Dec 2023

’Turning to my record deck, I play Easy Living with Archie Shepp on the sax and Mal Waldron on piano. The top end of the saxophone is smooth and refined, and both are clear and have great presence. The EpicX ARAY is a top-quality interconnect that really delivers elegant and sophisticated performances.’ Hi-Fi Choice  

Product review: Chord Company SignatureX Tuned ARAY analogue interconnect - Hi-Fi Choice 508 Nov 2023

 'a high-performance analogue interconnect that delivers refined performances regardless of genre.’ Hi-Fi Choice    

Product review: Chord Company Clearway Digital RCA - HiFi Choice 507 Oct 2023

’THERE ARE MANY people who will argue that using a digital cable doesn’t make that much of a difference.. ..the Clearway RCA uses the same tuned conductor geometry as found in the company’s original Sarum Digital interconnect..  ..It is all about timing and providing as accurate a digital signal as possible. A poor-quality digital cable,...

Product review: Chord Company OdysseyX speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice 504 July 2023

’A splendid performance of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto In A Major K662 by the London Symphony Orchestra continues the good work, illustrating just how well the OdysseyX conveys all of the energy and excitement of the recording. The violins are particularly commanding and real in my listening room.’  Hi-Fi Choice  

Product review: Chord Company EpicX ARAY - The EAR July 2023

’All signs point towards the Epic X Aray interconnect being another hit for Chord Company. Whilst it may not be the natural choice for those with systems that err towards a bright balance, it could prove just the tonic for those needing a little more lift and incisiveness. It delivered a very clean and musical...

Product review: Chord Company PowerARAY - Hi-Fi Choice 502 June 2023

’I already use a number of different mains conditioners in my system and the PowerARAY still manages to add an extra layer of refinement to the overall performance, making it a very worthwhile addition to any setup.’ Hi-Fi Choice