Kable do kina domowego i HDMI

C-view – kabel HDMI z Ethernetem

Ceny od £35.00 (UK RRP)

Oferujemy wysokiej klasy kable HDMI od około 12 lat. Wiemy, że jakość ekranowania i przewodów odgrywa dużą rolę w jakości sygnału obrazu i dźwięku.

C-view HDMI cable

Ceny od £35.00 (UK RRP)

C-view HDMI cables are as discreet and flexible as possible, while still meeting the high speed specification for 4K televisions and sources.  The Ultra slim C-view HDMI balances convenience and performance perfectly. Available in 0.75m, 1.5m and 2m lengths.

Clearway HDMI cable

Ceny od £60.00 (UK RRP)

Clearway HDMI supports 4K2K, 60Hz 18GBps HDR, HDCP2.2, Deep Colour, Ethernet/audio return, 1080p, 3D and all HDMI audio formats. A worthy addition to the award-winning Clearway range.

Shawline HDMI AOC

Ceny od £250.00 (UK RRP)

Alongside the full 4K HDR picture quality, this premium high-speed cable benefits from the improved audio performance of optical fibre and is immune to HF noise. Shawline HDMI AOC is a worthy addition to the award-winning range.


Ceny od £500.00 (UK RRP)

Epic HDMI AOC is our highest-performance cable. An optical/copper hybrid with HF noise protection. The copper elements have been uprated for improved mechanical isolation, but the most noticeable difference is the advanced HDMI 2.1 chipset.