Clearway HDMI cable

Clearway HDMI cable

Chord Company Clearway HDMI cable takes materials and shielding to the next level, with zinc-shielded plugs, increased bandwidth and thicker high-quality copper conductors coated with a skin/foamed polyethylene insulation. Five pairs of conductors are individually internally shielded, with the overall bundle further protected by a twin aluminium foil outer screen.

Clearway HDMI supports 10K at 30Hz, 8K at 60Hz, 4K at 120Hz, 48GBps, Dynamic HDR, HDCP2.2, eARC, 3D and all HDMI audio formats. Available lengths: 0.75m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m. A worthy addition to the award-winning Clearway range.

Also supports:
Source-based Tone Mapping (SBTM)
Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)
Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM)
Quick Frame Transport (QFT)
Quick Media Switching (QMS)


Specyfikacja techniczna

Bandwidth UHS 48GBps up to 3m / PHS 18GBps 5m+
Resolution 8K / 4K
Dynamic range Dynamic HDR upto 3m and HDR 5m+
Operating distance up to10m
Primary conductors Solid 25AWG OFC
Insulation Foam-PE
Shielding Braiding & AL foil
Cable Jacket PVC
HDMI connector shell Gold-plated copper
HDMI connector pins 19-pin gold-plated copper
Termination Hand soldering
HDMI connector backshell PVC & zinc alloy
Cable diameter 8.2mm

Chord Company HDMI cables

The HDMI performance standard is one of the fastest-moving in our industry. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cables carry high-frequency signals alongside a 5-volt DC electric supply. These complex multi-purpose interconnects tend to be longer than most other cables in a system, with the possible exception of speaker cables.

Today’s high-technology house contains many devices producing high-frequency (HF) noise. Cables often act as aerials picking up this noise. Unfortunately, the longer the cable the better aerial it becomes. These unwanted high-frequency signals can penetrate unprotected cables and end up on the signal earth. To preserve these delicate signals, all Chord Company HDMI cables feature high-efficiency HF screening to minimise the noise pick-up.

Chord Company Clearway HDMI EAN codes:

1m: 5060271594382
2m: 5060271594429
3m: 5060271594436
5m: 5060271594443
8m: 5060271594450
10m: 5060271594467
15m: 5060271594474
20m: 5060271594481