PowerHAUS S6 mains distribution block

PowerHAUS S6 mains distribution block

  • Hand built in England by music and cinema lovers
  • Pure performance and reliability.
  • Free from non-essential and potentially noisy components
  • Created to meet our own demo room needs and now available for discerning users everywhere
  • Designed using the optimum materials and 40 years of hi-fi industry experience
  • Unique Chord Company ARAY technology minimises HF and earth noise
  • Protection from RFI via heavily-shielded ARAY wiring
  • Robust aluminium casing and heavy-duty 16A power input
  • Conforms to all power safety regulations
  • Available in Euro, UK and Aus/NZ variants

The Chord Company PowerHAUS mains block is the distillation of decades working with signal and power transfer and benefits from a unique version of our acclaimed ARAY technology (MainsARAY) which has been specially adapted for power distribution.

Virtually every component utilised inside the PowerHAUS is uncompromising and has been manufactured specifically for its intended purpose. Accordingly, both M6 and S6 models are non-switched and avoid filters and neon power indicators which can generate noise and reduce quality. Their solid aluminium construction minimises the unwanted effects of microphony, too.

The PowerHAUS blocks benefit from specially selected, high-quality, heavy-gauge cables throughout, with sockets chosen not just for their reliability, but also their sound performance. A high-performance 16-amp IEC allows the PowerHAUS blocks to cope with even the most demanding home audio systems.

Available in two performance levels, the flagship M6 (Master) and entry-level S6 (Studio), the six-way PowerHAUS distribution devices are the result of one of the longest product development phases we have undertaken.

The flagship M6 offers the best performance and utilises three hybrid MainsARAYs fitted in parallel (rather than in series) to the bus bars, removing high-frequency noise whilst remaining outside of the circuit.  Rather than being star-wired (which is susceptible to RFI), the wiring is run along three bus bars which are all isolated from each other. The earth bus bar is kept as far away as possible from both the live and neutral.

The S6 retains many of the core features of the flagship M6, but is more affordable and represents a significant improvement over standard mains distribution blocks.

M6: L 600mm x W 110mm x H 77mm (incl feet)

S6:  L 460mm x W 110mm x H 77mm (incl feet)



Product development / history

Chord Company has been building and using mains power distribution blocks since 1984. What started out as a basic necessity for powering equipment and demonstrating the cable ranges has now become a crucial part in the musical/visual performance of an entertainment system.

Many different mains block designs and construction methods were studied, borrowed-from and tweaked over the intervening years. Some were better than others and while minor performance improvements were noted, many of the designs would not pass safety regulations for domestic or commercial use.

Once the optimum wiring and shielding methods (including the unique Chord Company ARAY technology) were established and the blocks met our precise performance expectations the prototypes were independently examined and certified to all appropriate safety standards.

The in-house listening tests were carried out via prolonged sessions in our demo room using a wide selection of equipment and media.

Listening tests (via our selected retailers) are also strongly recommended to fully appreciate the level of noise-reduction and what this can bring to your musical /visual experience.

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Product review: Chord Company PowerHAUS S6 mains distribution block - The EAR May 2022

” I was somewhat surprised by the magnitude of improvement that the PowerHAUS S6 brought to the party. Such an investment must be proportionate with the system concerned, but in my system I feel the £999 asking price for the PowerHAUS S6 seems good value for the improvements I experienced. The build quality is first...