PowerARAY Professional

PowerARAY Professional

Chord Company PowerARAY Professional is a high-efficiency device designed to target high-frequency noise and uses technology developed for our acclaimed SuperARAY and GroundARAY products. Like these it operates in parallel with the electric supply and at no stage does it get between your electric supply and equipment. This ensures that the PowerARAY Professional delivers consistent results over the widest range of systems and power supplies.

The PowerARAY Professional does not use power. It introduces a potential gradient that turns selected high-frequency noise into heat.

The internal earth, live and neutral are connected individually to dedicated SuperARAY conductors and MainsARAY noise reduction devices, providing a low-impedance path to ground and lowering the noise floor of your system.

All internal components are held in place by a machined billet and encased with damping resin.

Available fitted with Signature, Sarum or ChordMusic power cables and with UK or Euro (schuko) power connectors.


For optimum performance slightly loosen the screws that hold the ultra-lightweight feet in place. The feet are decoupled by a damping suspension ring located between the foot and the chassis.

PowerARAY Professional should be connected as close as possible to the socket supplying your audio system and can be used alongside other ARAY products.

PowerARAY Professional can be connected to a mains distribution block.
For a Chord Company PowerHAUS M6 use the socket furthest from the power input.
For a Chord Company PowerHAUS S6 use the socket closest to the power input.

If a non-Chord Company mains block is being used we recommend connecting to the socket closest to the power input.

Keep PowerARAY Professional clear of cables and other components.

If you are using a twin electrical socket we suggest connecting to the socket next to the one supplying your equipment.

If connected to a power socket with a switch, please switch the socket on to get the full performance from your PowerARAY Professional.