Product review: C-power – Hi-Fi Choice Review March 2014

Recenzja w marzec, 2014

C-power Mains Cable

The Chord C-power is an easy to fit upgrade to pretty much any audio component that has an IEC input socket. This screened power cable follows the same design principles as every other Chord cable, which means attention has been paid to shielding, conductors and termination. The C-power is fitted with a highquality over-moulded mains plug and IEC plug. Chord says that over-moulded plugs should not be dismissed, as they have certain advantages. All the terminations are high-pressure crimped and so have no screws that can work loose. The over-moulding process holds the conductors firmly in place and reduces mechanically induced noise.

The mains plug is fitted with a high-quality Bussmann 10A fuse and the cable is very flexible, despite the extra shielding that has been implemented within. When I fit it to a CD player in place of the supplied ‘kettle lead’, I find that there is an immediate improvement in clarity, which is consistent with the shielding reducing the amount of extraneous noise that is injected into the audio system. Chord’s C-power is a well-made, no-nonsense mains lead that is a worthwhile upgrade to the kettle-style power leads that are supplied as standard with many items of audio equipment.

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