Product review: Epic Twin speaker cable – Hi-Fi Choice Sept 2014

Recenzja w sierpień, 2014

Chord Company
Epic Twin Speaker Cable

Apart from being supplied unterminated, the cable can be fitted with Chord 24 karat gold-plated banana plugs, direct gold-plated copper spade connectors or BFA Camcon connectors. When supplied with connectors, the colour-coded heatshrink is also printed to show the signal direction.

As with any cable, it requires a minimum of 100 hours to run in before it will perform at its best and my review samples (which are fitted with banana plugs) are run in for this time. As a result, I am rewarded with a sound from my system that feels open and effortless. In particular, vocals seem to have more detail and all the nuances of expression (including the odd intake of breath) are very evident. Bass is really well controlled and tight, while timing is excellent. To sum up these cables in one word, they are ‘musical’. In short, they are quite simply a superb sounding set of speaker cables.

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