Product review: Chord Cobra VEE 3 – Hi-Fi World review Oct 2013

Recenzja w październik, 2013


This time Domingo’s voice had somewhat greater body and depth to it. The trumpets were better controlled and smoother sounding, while the violins seemed to reach higher than they managed on the Crimson, but sounded more controlled and realistic.

The tambourine sounds on ‘Ja Vidi’ certainly sounded more inviting through this cable, losing the slight splashy effect and gaining a more three-dimensional shape. The bass was noticeably deeper and I felt as though I could see the bottom of the note more clearly. The mid-range had a better sense of integration into the music and the whole sound felt better balanced.

I have a 20 year old pair of Cobra interconnects and comparing these to the new model, I could hear the family resemblance, but the performance of the new model is streets ahead in every aspect. This lead is well enough mannered that it could be used in a far more expensive system without disgracing itself


A well mannered interconnect that punches above its price point with a smooth and well-integrated sound.

Tony Bolton, Hi-Fi World

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