Product review: Shawline ShawCan headphone cable – Hi-Fi+ / The Absolute Sound – Ultimate Headphone Guide 2018

Recenzja w lipiec, 2018

„Chord Company’s focus on mechanical details is matched by their attention to musical detail retrieval. The ShawCan cable is strikingly resolute, especially considering its comparatively modest price.

The ShawCan is neutral leaning, with a slight tilt towards darker harmonics. The overall sound isn’t dark however; perhaps saying it’s the antithesis of bright might work. Its handling of percussive elements is tight and hard-hitting. Guitars and strings are colorful and airy. Vocals are lifelike and very realistic in tonality and scale. In short, ShawCan offers more performance than it has a right to at its price.”

The Absolute Sound / Hi-Fi+ Ultimate Headphone Guide 2018

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