Product review: Digital Chord (Indigo, Signature, Anthem) – Hi-Fi World Aug 2014

Recenzja w lipiec, 2014

Resident analogue head Tony Bolton finds some digital interconnects that tickle his musical tastebuds.

From their base on Salisbury Plain, near Stonehenge, the Chord Company have been busy creating a new range of digital interconnects using their ‘Tuned ARAY’ technology. They are tight-lipped about the details of this new configuration so I can only give you basic details about the construction of these cables. But, suffice to say, anyone who believes digital interconnects don’t make a difference should take a listen to these.

I felt that the Signature offered the best combination of sound-perpound, the Anthem giving a dramatic improvement over stock cables. But the real delight was the Indigo. It offered insight and musicality and made listening to digital sources a far more involving experience.


Tony Bolton, Hi-Fi World

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