Product review: Digital Chord (Indigo, Signature, Anthem) – Hi-Fi World Aug 2014

Reviewed in July, 2014

Resident analogue head Tony Bolton finds some digital interconnects that tickle his musical tastebuds.

From their base on Salisbury Plain, near Stonehenge, the Chord Company have been busy creating a new range of digital interconnects using their ‘Tuned ARAY’ technology. They are tight-lipped about the details of this new configuration so I can only give you basic details about the construction of these cables. But, suffice to say, anyone who believes digital interconnects don’t make a difference should take a listen to these.

I felt that the Signature offered the best combination of sound-perpound, the Anthem giving a dramatic improvement over stock cables. But the real delight was the Indigo. It offered insight and musicality and made listening to digital sources a far more involving experience.


Tony Bolton, Hi-Fi World

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