Our Demo Room

The Chord Company demo room is purpose-built for research and development.  It is used daily, for testing and demonstrating our range of hi-fi and home cinema interconnects, speaker cables and accessories. It is designed to replicate (as far as possible) a typical listening environment.

The equipment varies enormously.  We have at our disposal, an extensive and ever-changing range of hi-fi and home cinema equipment, from entry level to high-end. This allows us to develop cables on the level of equipment they are most likely to be used with. We like to experiment with components from as many manufacturers as possible, ensuring a consistent performance.

The demo room is at the heart of the company and allows us incredible freedom. Prototype cables can easily be modified, geometries can be changed and the result tested almost immediately.

It is also a great place to play your favourite music..



Most of our retailers have their own listening rooms and will happily guide you through the Chord Company cable ranges and help you get the best out of your music.
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