People of Chord Company

It is no coincidence that Chord Company staff members are either musicians, music lovers, cinema-goers, gamers or a little bit of each.

Everyone, whether they are involved in production, sales or administration gets to spend time in our demo room.  This way, the entire company gets to enjoy what we do, understands our achievements and feels part of our mission to ensure our users are getting the best performance from their equipment.

Alan Gibb

Managing Director

Doug Maxwell

Sales Director

Richard Senior

Operations Director

Patrick Mitchell

Export Sales Manager

Paul Telling

Design & Marketing

Bill Fraser

UK Sales

David Harmes

Commercial Operations Manager

Mike Robinson

Product Development

Simon Tribbeck

Chief Production Technician

Antony Bunn-Major

UK Sales Manager (North)

Jude Hillier

Production & QC Assistant

Dave Shannon

Production Technician

Dave Mardell

Production Technician

Oli Walter

Warehouse & Goods Manager

Ian Booth

International Sales