ChordMusic USB

This is the most recent member of the ChordMusic range and it came about because we wanted to explore the potential of USB and streaming cables. We have a couple of audiophile hard drive devices that have both RJ45 and USB outputs.


Rock solid image, enormous amounts of detail and dynamic information, presented in an easy musical manner.

Sarum T USB cable

We often use a Chord Electronics DAC in our demo room, connected via Sarum T USB. A quite extraordinary performance. Musically correct and deeply involving.

Sarum T streaming cable

If you are using a high-end streamer you need to try the Sarum T Super ARAY streaming cable

Clearway Analogue mini-jack/RCA cable

High-performance analogue mini-jack/RCA interconnect. Hand built in the UK. Part of the multi-award-winning Clearway range.

Shawline Analogue mini-jack/RCA cable

Shawline Analogue mini-jack cables use our acclaimed ARAY conductor geometry to produce the best possible performance from all portable devices - and with an extraordinary degree of musical transparency.

Clearway Streaming cable

Clearway Streaming cable has been designed to virtually eliminate the pickup of external high-frequency noise that can interfere with your enjoyment of streamed digital audio and video

Clearway USB digital audio interconnect

The perfect ‘next step’ on the upgrade path for a streaming audio system. Chord Company Clearway USB benefits from significant shielding improvements, helping you enjoy your system at its musically coherent best.

Epic AES/EBU digital audio interconnect

Performance lifts can be remarkable but as cables in this area are very system-dependant we would still recommend that you try the RCA (S/PDIF) digital version at the same time and decide for yourself which one is better. Available in standard 1m or custom lengths to order.

C-digital digital audio interconnect

The C-digital has been developed to let you hear just how good some of the more affordable digital to analogue converters can be.

C-sub Analogue subwoofer cable

The Chord Company C-sub is designed to work with all home theatre amplifiers and active subwoofers.

C-line Analogue RCA

An original Chord Company design. We wanted a high performance cable at an affordable price that still adheres to our exacting standards. It's a consistent What Hi-Fi? Award-winner 2015-2021, so it looks like we succeeded!

C-lite digital optical audio interconnect

High performance optical cables, designed for any home or portable system with Toslink and/or mini-jack connectors. Available in handy lengths from 0.15m to 10m.

C-stream digital streaming cable

If you are serious about the quality of your streaming music pay good attention to the cables you use.  Shielding is important – and you will hear the benefits. Chord Company C-stream 1.5m now features a slim plug design for maximum compatibility with multi-port devices.

C-jack mini-jack/RCA analogue interconnect

C-jack Analogue mini-jack/RCA cable. Robust high-performance connection for portable players etc.

C-USB digital USB audio interconnect

We understand the theory suggesting these cables should have no effect, but we don’t make cables unless they produce a better listening experience. Don't take our word for it, however. Chord Company dealers will let you try one for yourself.