GroundARAY & PowerARAY

GroundARAY & PowerARAY

Chord Company GroundARAY & PowerARAY noise reduction


The GroundARAY is a next-generation high-frequency-noise-reduction device that connects to unused sockets on A/V equipment providing a low-impedance route for HF noise to pass through, directly improving the noise floor of the ‘host’ product.


Chord Company PowerARAY is a next-generation noise reduction/absorption device. Akin to the popular GroundARAY units, the PowerARAY can be connected to unused mains power sockets (wall or distribution block) adjacent to those used to power your hi-fi equipment, providing a low-impedance escape route for HF noise, reducing the amount entering a hi-fi system, lowering the noise floor and leaving more space for the music.

PowerARAY Professional

Chord Company PowerARAY Professional is a high-efficiency device designed to target high-frequency noise and uses technology developed for our acclaimed SuperARAY and GroundARAY products.