Silent Mount SM5X stainless steel speaker/rack isolation mounts 50mm

4 x 50mm stainless steel spike mounts for racks or loudspeakers. Hand crafted in Japan.

Silent Mount SM7X stainless steel speaker isolation mounts 70mm

4 x 70mm stainless steel spike mounts for speakers. Hand crafted in Japan.

Silent Mount SM5TX titanium isolation rack mounts 50mm

4 x 50mm titanium spike mounts for lightweight racks and components. Hand crafted in Japan

Speaker cable connectors – ChordOhmic 4mm banana plug and spade connector

ChordOhmic loudspeaker connectors. Instant audio upgrade. Designed to bring electrical and sonic benefits to speaker cables everywhere. Spade or 4mm banana. Optimum contact via Hex-gun crimp termination.

ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid – hi-fi contact cleaner

Four years in development (and 500 prototypes later!) Chord Company is proud to announce its long-awaited ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid, a highly advanced liquid polymer solution, specifically designed to maximise the surface area of a variety of plug connections, improving their performance. Developed by an acclaimed industrial chemist and Andante Largo in Japan, the new ChordOhmic...