Speaker cable connectors – ChordOhmic 4mm banana plug and spade connector

Speaker cable connectors – ChordOhmic 4mm banana plug and spade connector

ChordOhmic ChorAlloy™ plated 4mm and spade loudspeaker connectors are designed to bring electrical and sonic benefits to speaker cables everywhere. Optimum contact via Hex-gun crimp termination.

The plugs are fitted as standard to all new Chord Company speaker cable sets as well as being separately available as a retro-fit upgrade, enabling this revolutionary 4mm connector to improve existing Chord Company cables or any other cable brand for that matter!

For many years we have been using silver-plated copper conductors in our designs. Our silver-plated designs are paired with ChorAlloy™ plated connectors. Using silver in cables can be misunderstood, as many people still associate the use of silver with a bright, overbearing sound characteristic. In our experience, however, this brightness is actually caused by a poor choice of insulation material rather than the silver!

Why not gold?

Although gold is generally perceived to be the best plating material for high-quality connectors, its only major advantage is its total resistance to corrosion (not normally a domestic issue!). In our experience, the customer also associates it with performance and quality due to gold’s high commercial value. Matters are further complicated by the various other plating materials on offer in the hi-fi industry (e.g. rhodium, copper, brass and nickel) with each having wildly differing prices and claimed performance levels.

Crimp fitting service

A ChordOhmic speaker connector crimping service is now available from selected Chord Company retailers/distributors. Get your plugs fitted in-store (as per our factory spec) to whatever speaker cable you choose.




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