Burndy cables

Burndy cables

Chord Company multi-pin Burndy cables for high-end audio applications, including Naim Audio hi-fi equipment

Chord Company Bridge

Prices from £500.00 (UK RRP)

The Chord Company Bridge is hand built in UK and upgrades the lightweight, unshielded shorting plug supplied with audio streaming equipment (incl. Naim Audio), offering a no-compromise, noise-reduced connection. It features a machined heavy-gauge aluminium case for both acoustic and electrical isolation. The Taylon® insulated wiring and resin-dampened internal assembly further increase this isolation.

ChordBurndy cables

Prices from £1760.00 (UK RRP)

Burndy cables from Chord Company.  Hand built to order to suit all high-end applications (incl Naim Audio). If you are fortunate enough to own a hi-fi system employing these connectors, this is a cable that you need to audition.