Warranty & install guide


Cable install guide

Please refer to the product packaging for your particular Chord Company product for specific instructions.

Cable direction is often indicated by arrow/s printed on the connector, cable or heatshrink and should point away from the signal source.


To obtain the best results from your cable please follow these instructions:

  • Route interconnect and speaker cables away from power cables where possible.
  • Switch off equipment before fitting or removing cables.
  • Avoid touching the contact areas of the plug/connector.
  • Don’t bend the cable excessively or subject it to undue force or pressure.
  • When fitting or removing the cable we recommend holding the plug/connector rather than the cable.
  • If the plug/connector has a release catch or locking collar (XLR, DIN, BNC & streaming cables etc), ensure this is fully disconnected before removal.
  • Test for compatibility with the equipment you wish to connect before installing cable in walls, floors etc.

Lifetime warranty

Chord Company products are covered by our renowned lifetime warranty so please keep the receipt or proof of purchase as this will be required to authorise replacement or repair via your original retailer.

Warranty includes defective materials and workmanship, but excludes normal wear and tear, failure to follow instructions, unauthorised repairs or modifications and performance issues outside of advertised specification.

Repairs under warranty

Should your Chord Company product need repairing, please return it to an authorised Chord Company retailer/distributor. They will arrange the shipping back to ourselves for priority attention.

If there is not a retailer/distributor near you, please contact us. We will make alternative arrangements and send you confirmation.

NB. If a product is not covered by our lifetime warranty, repair may still be possible for a nominal charge. Please contact an authorised Chord Company retailer/distributor for further advice and assistance.

Warranty exclusions

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Accidental damage.
  • Unauthorised repair or modification.
  • Usage or handling not in accordance with our user guidance.
  • A cable/product not working at a resolution or data transfer rate above that for which it was designed. (If applicable, the performance level of Chord Company products are confirmed on the packaging. Our warranty only covers products not working within these parameters).
  • The cost of shipping the product back for repair.
  • Consequential and incidental damage caused to or by connected equipment, property or persons in the unlikely event of a fault.
  • Any products supplied as a promotional or free of charge/gift item

This warranty is applicable to products sold worldwide. Consumer rights applying under the laws of the country of purchase are not adversely affected by the terms of our warranty.