Chord Company Bridge

Chord Company Bridge

Prices from £500.00 (UK RRP)

Enjoy enhanced audio streamer performance (incl. Naim Audio) without an external power supply.

Added protection from HF noise on the signal ground. Even small quantities of this noise can have a significant impact on a system’s musical performance.

The Chord Company Bridge is hand built in UK and upgrades the lightweight, unshielded shorting plug supplied with audio streaming equipment, offering a no-compromise, noise-reduced connection. It features a machined heavy-gauge aluminium case for both acoustic and electrical isolation. The Taylon® insulated wiring and resin-dampened internal assembly further increase this isolation.

Prototype testing with a few Naim NDX owners generated enthusiastic requests for Bridge units for use in their own systems. Only too happy to oblige, we commissioned a limited run of cases and hand assembled each unit. We can supply these while our case stocks last!