Analogue RCA

C-sub Analogue subwoofer cable

The Chord Company C-sub is designed to work with all home theatre amplifiers and active subwoofers.

C-line Analogue RCA

An original Chord Company design. We wanted a high performance cable at an affordable price that still adheres to our exacting standards. It's a consistent What Hi-Fi? Award-winner 2015-2021, so it looks like we succeeded!

Clearway Analogue RCA

Hand built in the UK and featuring our unique ARAY conductor geometry. Multi What Hi-Fi? Award winner - Best Analogue interconnect (£50+). An outstanding value for money, high-performance analogue interconnect that will carry a signal with accuracy and coherence.

Shawline Analogue RCA

Shawline Analogue RCA cables use a similar conductor geometry to the award-winning Sarum range, giving them a musical transparency and coherence, transforming the performance of amps, DACs, CD players and streamers.

Epic Analogue RCA

Epic RCA takes all the coherence of Shawline, along with its heavier gauge conductors and improved shielding and brings a new level of detail and involvement to players better known for their analytical rather than musical performance.

Signature Tuned ARAY Analogue RCA

A perfect example of why Tuned ARAY cables are so special. Hugely revealing with wonderful musical transparency.  It can transform players that cost little more than the cable.  Combine any decent mid-price player with Signature Tuned ARAY to produce a thrilling musical performance.

Sarum T Analogue RCA

Unique Chord Company Taylon® insulation - the most phase stable and neutral conductor insulation available and the biggest step forward in performance since the introduction of PTFE. Available with RCA, DIN and XLR connectors.

ChordMusic Analogue RCA

The key difference is Taylon® insulation, unique to The Chord Company. The improvements it brings are more than profound - they reveal a musical landscape so believable that you can step into it.