Tone Arm cables

Tone Arm cables

The smallest signal in your system might just be the most important. As the cartridge tracks the groove of your vinyl, the tiny signal is susceptible to interference and loss. The dual layer shields developed for our unique Tuned/Super ARAY/Taylon interconnects are the perfect solution.

ShawlineX ARAY tone arm cable

ShawlineX tone arm cable is available with straight or right-angle TT connectors, ChorAlloy™ plated RCA connectors and features the latest XLPE insulated, silver-plated conductors and a composite shield.

SignatureX Tuned ARAY tone arm cable

Hand-built Tuned ARAY tone arm cable. Fitted with straight or right-angle arm connectors. 1.2m length as standard, with custom lengths and other specifications available to order.

Sarum T tone arm cable

The Sarum T tone arm cable is hand-built to order and can be fitted with a range of connectors. It is available in  in 1.2m (std) or custom lengths and in slim or reference configuration. Both feature our ground-breaking Taylon® insulation.

ChordMusic tone arm cable

The tiny signal from your cartridge might just be the most important performer in your system. Available with straight or right-angle arm connectors and hand-built to whatever specification you need.