Analogue XLR

ClearwayX ARAY analogue XLR

The design of the ClearwayX ARAY analogue cable means that we can adapt the conductor configuration to produce a particularly good XLR terminated cable, allowing identical conductors for the hot, cold and earth connections.

ShawlineX ARAY Analogue XLR

All ARAY cables require a high degree of precision, only achieved with painstaking hand assembly.  An upside of this process, is that it allows us to add the extra conductors needed to build an exceptional XLR cable.

EpicX ARAY Analogue XLR

The design of EpicX ARAY XLR is adapted to include an extra conductor, producing a true balanced performance. Neutrality and transparency come as standard. Carrying high levels of detail and with real musical coherence.

SignatureX Tuned ARAY Analogue XLR

XLR cables often use two conductors to carry the signals and the shield for earth. We add a third identical conductor for the return signal on the Chord Signature. The shield is out of the circuit and unwanted interference is reduced.

Sarum T Analogue XLR

Balanced XLR interconnect featuring unique Chord Company Taylon® insulation - the most phase stable and neutral conductor insulation available and the biggest step forward in performance since the introduction of PTFE.

ChordMusic Analogue XLR

Like all ChordMusic cables, the XLR is hand built. To produce the very best performance, an extra conductor has been added. Taylon® insulated cables will let you hear exactly what your system is producing.