ClearwayX ARAY analogue XLR

ClearwayX ARAY analogue XLR

The ClearwayX ARAY XLR cable features ARAY conductor geometry, heavy gauge OFC conductors, upgraded XLPE insulation and dual-layer shielding.

The design of the ClearwayX ARAY analogue cable means that we can adapt the conductor configuration to produce a particularly good XLR terminated cable, allowing identical conductors for the hot, cold and earth connections.

The ClearwayX ARAY XLR is fitted with Neutrik XLR plugs containing Chord Company ChorAlloy™ plated connector pins. Standard lengths are 1m and 0.5m, with custom lengths available to order.

Declaration of Performance (CPR compliance) certificates available here (PDF)


ClearwayX ARAY analogue XLR Awards & Reviews

Product review: Chord Company Clearway XLR - Hi-Fi Choice 481 Sept 2021

“The imaging and depth are superb and the music never seems to emanate from the speaker cabinets but, rather, from ‘virtual instruments’ within my room. In summary, this reasonably priced XLR interconnect offers a really refined presentation across a wide range of music.” Hi-Fi Choice        

What Hi-Fi? Awards 2022 - Chord Company Clearway: Best Analogue Interconnect Over £100

‘Current owners of the Clearway Analogue RCA with silver plugs need not rush out to upgrade immediately, as that cable remains a perfectly fine performer for the money. But if you feel your home audio system needs a refresh or a little lift, the new edition of the Clearway RCA with ChorAlloy plugs is a...

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