Shawline Analogue RCA

Shawline Analogue RCA

Chord Company ARAY cables were developed using our then flagship Sarum cable range. The Shawline analogue cables use a similar ARAY conductor geometry and exhibit a similar degree of musical transparency. Shawline Analogue cables can transform the performance of amplifiers DACs, CD players and streamers.

ARAY cables require a high degree of precision that can only be achieved with painstaking hand assembly. Chord Company Shawline is built using FEP insulated silver-plated conductors and a composite shielding material that works over a wide bandwidth and also reduces mechanical noise. The cable is assembled within a flexible plastic tube chosen to further reduce mechanical noise.

Shawline Analogue RCA cables are turntable-ready as standard.

Chord VEE3 RCA plugs are direct silver-plated to improve signal transfer. We can also terminate the Shawline Analogue with mini-jack or DIN plugs and by adding extra conductors we can produce an outstanding Shawline XLR cable. The standard length is 1m and custom lengths are available to order.

Declaration of Performance (CPR compliance) certificates available here (PDF)


Shawline Analogue RCA Awards & Reviews

Product review (cable loom group test) - Chord Shawline: Hi-Fi Choice April 2018

you can put any type of music through it and it’s still enjoyable

Product review: Chord Shawline Analogue interconnects – Hi-Fi Choice 412 RECOMMENDED July 2016

NAMED TO HONOUR a late associate of The Chord Company – David Shaw – these interconnects make use of the Tuned ARAY cable conductor geometry that was originally developed for the company’s premium Sarum range. The Shawline is £200 in the standard 1m length and fitted with silver-plated Chord VEE 3 RCA terminations, but it...

The perfect complement to this product