Epic Digital Tuned ARAY AES/EBU audio interconnect

Epic Digital Tuned ARAY AES/EBU audio interconnect

Hand built in the UK with 1m and custom length options.
Unique Tuned ARAY conductor geometry.
Fitted with Chord Company VEE3 ChorAlloy™ plated connectors/pins.
Two 75 ohm silver-plated OFC conductors with PTFE insulation.
High-density, silver-plated combination braid and foil shield to combat high-frequency interference.

Epic Digital cables are an excellent match for any mid-range DAC, CD transport or streamer. Performance lifts can be remarkable when upgrading digital links but cables in this area can sometimes be system-dependant, so if considering the AES-EBU we recommend that you also try the BNC or RCA (S/PDIF) digital versions for a performance comparison.

Chord Company Epic cable range features a wide selection of analogue and digital interconnects and is defined by heavier-gauge silver-plated conductors coupled with an increased volume of shielding. The Epic range is complemented by two different speaker cables. EpicX has a twisted pair of conductors in one jacket and is available off-the-reel. EpicXL is built to order at our UK factory with separate and individually shielded conductors, a design developed for our SignatureXL speaker cable, with a similar distinct performance shift.


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