Epic Digital Tuned ARAY RCA & RCA / BNC audio interconnect

Epic Digital Tuned ARAY RCA & RCA / BNC audio interconnect

Hand built in the UK with 1m and custom length options.
Unique Tuned ARAY conductor geometry.
Fitted with Chord Company VEE3 ChorAlloy™ plated connectors/pins.
Two 75 ohm silver-plated OFC conductors with PTFE insulation.
High-density, silver-plated combination braid and foil shield to combat high-frequency interference.

Epic Digital cables are an excellent match for any mid-range DAC, CD transport or streamer. Performance lifts can be remarkable when upgrading digital links but cables in this area can sometimes be system-dependant, so if considering the AES-EBU we recommend that you also try the BNC or RCA (S/PDIF) digital versions for a performance comparison.

Chord Company Epic cable range features a wide selection of analogue and digital interconnects and is defined by heavier-gauge silver-plated conductors coupled with an increased volume of shielding. The Epic range is complemented by two different speaker cables. EpicX has a twisted pair of conductors in one jacket and is available off-the-reel. EpicXL is built to order at our UK factory with separate and individually shielded conductors, a design developed for our SignatureXL speaker cable, with a similar distinct performance shift.

Declaration of Performance (CPR compliance) certificates available here (PDF)


Epic Digital Tuned ARAY RCA & RCA / BNC audio interconnect Awards & Reviews

Product review: Chord Shawline & Epic – Hi-Fi Pig Oct 2016

David Robson continues his Chord Company “Cable Doctor” series of reviews, where specific cable combinations are recommended for his system by Nigel Finn of Chord. Previously he has focused on the entry level C Line and Clearway cables but now moves up to the new Shawline series interconnects and digital cable, along with the Epic Twin speaker...

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