Signature Digital and USB interconnects get new, improved ARAY technology

Signature Digital and USB interconnects get new, improved ARAY technology

New Signature Digital and Signature USB interconnects get new, improved ARAY tech
Signature range digital cables benefit from new refinements and the latest Tuned ARAY developments

20 years after the original Signature line-up was first introduced, we have launched new and improved versions of two popular digital cables from the high-performance Signature range. The new UK-built Signature Super ARAY Digital and Signature Super ARAY USB interconnects both feature the latest version of our unique Tuned ARAY conductor geometry (Super ARAY), plus a number of design and construction improvements.

Signature Super ARAY Digital £800 p/m

At the heart of the new Signature Super ARAY Digital cable are two 75-ohm silver-plated oxygen-free-copper conductors with PTFE insulation. The conductors benefit from a high- density combination silver-plated braid and foil with high-frequency-effective shielding. The latest version of our unique ARAY conductor geometry introduces greater flexibility in addition to improvements in detail and coherence.

Signature Super ARAY Digital also features our unique ultra-low-mass silver-plated RCA connectors which benefit from precision-machined PTFE plug surrounds. Hand-made in our Wiltshire factory, the cable is precision-terminated using a zero-compression strain relief system which minimised unwanted changes in impedance which can be caused when cables are squeezed at the point of termination.

Signature Super ARAY USB £550 p/m

Engineered to take advantage of today’s high-performance computer audio hardware, the new Signature Super ARAY USB employs high-precision silver-plated oxygen-free-copper twisted bi-data conductors with separate shielding for the data and power conductors.

The unique Super ARAY conductors, which benefit from tri-layer composite insulation (Polyethylene/low-density Polyethylene/Polyethylene — PE/LDPE/PE) introduce new levels of coherence, detail and involvement. In order to protect the delicate signal from detrimental RF noise, dual-layer precision-applied high-coverage foil shielding is used, combined with a PVC outer jacket to minimise degradation caused by mechanical noise. Custom UK-manufactured silver-plated USB plugs (made to our specification) are used to terminate the cable to a high standard.

The Signature range was originally launched in 1998 and featured the first interconnect to use highly effective shielding, following a period of intensive research into high-frequency interference. Signature’s original design and construction has influenced every cable we have have produced since.

Price and availability

Both the Signature Super ARAY Digital and the Signature Super ARAY USB are available now. Custom lengths are available to order.

Signature Super ARAY Digital (RCA/BNC/XLR/AES/EBU) 1m: £800; additional metres £550 (UK RRP)

Signature Super ARAY USB 1m: £550; additional metres £100 (UK RRP)



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