Cream of the crop – high-performance guitar/instrument cables from Chord Company

Cream of the crop – high-performance guitar/instrument cables from Chord Company

Preserve your tone with Chord Company Cream – a high definition instrument cable.  A must-have tool for the discerning musician.

Ensure your sound is accurately transmitted with a hand-built, instrument lead, designed by musicians for musicians, featuring unique, custom twisted-pair conductors with separate shield. Chord Company Cream is a high specification product for musicians/engineers who require a reliable, exceptionally low noise/interference cable – and suitable for all types of music, instruments and playing techniques. Cream is perfect for artists who wish to be heard.

For 1st class service, order your Chord Cream instrument cables from Neil Ramsden at The Den, Keighley, UK. 

Tel: +44 (0) 1535 605270


Lifetime guarantee.

Demonstration cables available for 30 day trial.

Custom/bespoke terminations a speciality.

UK and International mail-order services are provided.

Free UK postage (excl demo products and b2b sales).



Neil Ramsden has received glowing recommendations from all areas of the music business – from jobbing guitarists to world-famous star players (incl John Helliwell from Supertramp) and has decades of experience in the industry. He offers full support for all Chord Company products – including the reassurance of our lifetime warranty.

Chord Company Cream prices (UK RRP) from £45.00.

Cable lengths normally in stock are:

  • 30cm (1ft) Patch: £45.00
  • 3m (9.9ft): £55.00
  • 6m (19.8ft): £65.00
  • 10m (33ft): £95.00

Plug combinations normally in stock are:-

  • Straight (guitar/signal source) to straight 1/4 inch mono jack
  • Right-angle (guitar/signal source) to straight 1/4 inch mono jack
  • Right-angle to right-angle 1/4 inch mono jack (30cm patch lead for effects boxes, racks etc)
  • XLR to XLR (microphone)

Head to stack cables (using Chord Epic speaker cable) are also available to order.  Ideal for connecting amplifiers to speaker cabinets. Jack to jack 1m standard length: £70.00 (UK RRP).  Custom lengths and terminations to order.

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