Hi-Fi+ Awards 2023 – Chord Company PowerHAUS M6 & Signature USB cable

Award Received in December, 2023

Chord Company PowerHAUS M6 mains distribution block

“Noise is clearly an important factor at play here – whether it’s noise getting in from external sources via the live and neutral, or noise being shared around via the earth, but all the benefits of the PowerHaus M6 are ones I recognise from other work to reduce the insidious, parasitic effect of low-level noise within a system.”


Chord Company Signature Super ARAY USB digital cable

“There’s lots to like here. Signature Super ARAY could be the gateway drug into Chord Company cables, and it needs to be something more than a well-made cable in a nice presentation case. But, thanks to it sounding so good and realistic, yet never tiring or exaggerated, if this is your first cable from the brand, you might want Chord Company’s Signature autographing your whole system.”




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