AV Tech Media Awards 2017/18 – Best Interconnect Cable: Chord Clearway

Award Received in November, 2017

“BUILT BY HAND, the Clearway utilises The Chord Company’s proprietary ARAY technology – originally developed for its Sarum range – to offer improvements in detail and transparency. It is available terminated with DIN or XLR plugs and can be custom ordered to any length. If the brief was to carry a sense of musical coherence and a high level of detail and dynamics, this Clearway interconnect more than delivers the goods. Bass lines are well extended yet punchy and tight, vocals are clear and well defined and leading edges and natural decays are impeccable, leading to greater insight and involvement into all types of music.”

AV Tech Media Awards 2017/18

Clearway Analogue interconnect is part of the multi-award winning Chord Clearway range


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