Hi-Fi Plus Magazine cable of the year 2016: Chord Sarum

Award Received in February, 2016

Chord’s original top cable – Sarum – was already one of the best-received interconnects from the brand when the company announced its Tuned ARAY upgrade. And it really is an upgrade – users of existing runs of Sarum can have them upgraded to include the ‘TA’ modification. Tuned ARAY is essentially the addition of a short additional ‘tail’ of Sarum cable attached to one terminated end of each cable. This came from experiments designed to reduce reflections in 75ohm digital cables, and Chord found the benefits applied almost universally (loudspeaker cables do not benefit, apparently).

In both a standalone test and reviewed in context of a complete Sarum/Sarum TA system, the level of performance is akin to upgrading your amp. Sarum TA improves on overall coherence and especially consistency, bringing the performance of components in the system into line.  And if you have Sarum, upgrade it to TA now!


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