Hi-Fi Choice Group Test Winner 2015: Chord C-line

Award Received in October, 2015

The number one spot here goes to The Chord Company’s C-Line

Which wins on overall imaging, including a balanced front-to-back dimension. This interconnect handles complex music with ease, delivering a performance that is lively and involving. It takes both classical and modern music in its stride, and with its white cable and blue
phono plugs it looks rather snazzy too.

Refined energy

The C-Line is no slouch when it comes to conveying exuberance and excitement. Dvorak’s Symphony No.9 shows the brass section leaping furiously across the musical score with plenty of energy, yet somehow with refinement. The latter quality is something I have come to expect from silver conductors and I’m surprised to find this being demonstrated with solid copper. Bolero is equally polished and captivating.

Murmuration really exemplifies the extended and smooth bass response, with the bass drum in the opening sequence being almost felt rather than heard. The crispness of the drum rhythm as the piece progresses is quite excellent and the build-up to the final climax is both energetic and extremely lively.


Great value interconnect with a lively and involving character.

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