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8 Brook Park, Gaddesby Lane, Rearsby, Leicestershire, LE7 4ZB, UK

Cymbiosis has been established in Leicester since 1990 with owner Peter Swain building an international reputation for setting up Naim systems and Linn LP12 turntables around the world.

The business is based on supplying and installing top quality music replay systems with friendly, knowledgeable advice and service from the dedicated staff of Peter, Philip and Wayne.

In December 2014 Cymbiosis moved from their home of over 20 years in Hotel Street, in the heart of Leicester to the beautiful countryside of Rearsby, located just north of the City. This new property allows for on-site parking and two custom demonstration rooms as well as specialist LP12 set up area.

Cymbiosis are happy to show you how to make the most of your current system as well as offering advice and demonstrations on the best ways to improve your listening pleasure even further.


Chord Company products available for demonstration*:

Sarum speaker cable

Sarum Super ARAY: mains power cable, RCA interconnects, RCA-DIN/DIN-DIN/DIN-XLR interconnects (incl 4 pin to XLR pairs for Naim 3/500), 5-pin SnaicUSB & Coaxial digital interconnects

Signature speaker cable

Signature Tuned ARAY interconnects

Cobra VEE 3 interconnects

Crimson VEE 3 interconnects

Power Chord mains power cable

+ the full range of Chord Co speaker cable

[*Please book in advance to ensure product availability]

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