Nigel Finn on the origin of Sarum Super ARAY USB

Nigel Finn on the origin of Sarum Super ARAY USB

Chord Sarum Super ARAY USB cable

What’s so remarkable about the Tuned ARAY and Super ARAY cables is just how similar the improvements are. When we first developed the Sarum Tuned ARAY cable range, we started by producing the analogue and coaxial digital versions. Later we experimented with streaming and USB cables. The application of Tuned ARAY technology varies substantially between cable types. The results, however, are extremely consistent.

What made Tuned ARAY so special was its ability to carry a musical signal more coherently than any other cable we’d heard. Suddenly, systems we knew well moved to a completely new level of performance. Most importantly, we found that CD players, DACs and streamers were all capable of producing really coherent and involving music. This was a transformation.

The first Super ARAY cable we developed was the Sarum Power Chord. The improvements make a dramatic difference to just about every aspect of a musical performance. The extra fine detail, the sense of micro-dynamics and the tonality all take a really big step forwards.

We went on to develop the Super ARAY analogue and digital cables and then the Super ARAY streaming cable. The Super ARAY versions kept all the magical coherence that adding a Tuned ARAY cable to your system brought but dramatically improved the levels of detail, especially when it came to definition and pitch. There were also big improvements to timbre.

Super ARAY USB didn’t happen straight away.  USB cables work in a different way and it actually took us quite a while to work out what to do. Finally, we have the Sarum Super ARAY USB. We are more than aware of the prevailing opinions that digital cables should make no difference. Those of you who have one of our existing USB cables will have your own views on that and anyone with an existing Sarum Tuned ARAY USB cable should contact their dealer and get their cable upgraded to Super ARAY spec.

The change from Tuned ARAY technology to Super ARAY technology has been quite profound and this certainly applies to the new Sarum Super ARAY USB cable.  Increasing numbers of high end digital systems rely on a USB cable. This is a cable that anyone streaming high quality audio to a USB DAC needs to have a listen to.

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