Chord Epic instrument speaker cable (head to cabinet)

Chord Epic instrument speaker cable (head to cabinet)

It happens so often – a beautiful hand built valve amplifier and speaker cabinet, connected with a cheap guitar cable!  Using a guitar cable in place of speaker cable won’t just strangle the sound, it could actually short out and cause damage to the amplifier.

Instead, try using our Chord Epic speaker cable fitted with quarter inch jack plugs (XLR and Neutrik Speakon connectors are also available) between your amplifier and speaker cabinet. It features heavy gauge silver-plated, PTFE insulated conductors inside a PVC jacket that in turn is protected by a dual layer foil and braid shield with translucent outer jacket.  If tone, timbre and dynamics are things that matter to you, it will take very little time to hear exactly how much you’re losing with one of the standard speaker leads that are available – even less if you’re using a guitar cable.

Epic is a transparent cable and will let you hear more of the sound you’re creating. We have a theory that the happier you are with your sound the better you play.  When you know everything is as good as it gets, you concentrate on playing without distractions.

The standard length is 1m jack to jack. Other terminations and lengths are available to order.

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