Cobra instrument cable

Cobra instrument cable

A glorious return to yesterday and in plenty of time to celebrate our approaching 40th Anniversary is the classic Chord Cobra.

A longstanding audiophile favourite now resurrected as a high-end instrument cable. Chord Cobra, much like the previous Cream cable, uses a tried and tested heavy-duty foil with high-density metal braid.

The big improvement comes from the twin silver-plated OFC dielectric, insulated with FEP. Industry-standard Neutrik jack plugs complete an instrument cable that delivers a true sonic improvement.



Shielding: Dual-layer tape and foil
Insulation: FEP with PVC inner & outer jacket
Conductors: Silver-plated oxygen free copper
Connectors: Nickel-plated 6.35mm mono jack plugs (straight or 90 deg)

3m & 6m and custom lengths are available + short patch leads for pedals etc.