English Electric EE1

English Electric EE1

High-performance network noise isolator

The EE1 network noise isolator is designed to sit discreetly between ethernet cables within a streaming audio/video system and can drastically reduce noise whilst allowing digital signals to pass unhindered.

Digital signals are robust but are often accompanied by a degree of noise, usually transferred from home network devices.

The EE1, like the EE 8Switch and 16Switch, continues our efforts to prevent noise from affecting music/image data and system performance.

In-line network noise reduction for streaming media

  • Self-powered – converts unwanted noise to heat
  • Targeted filtering reduces damaging network noise
  • Galvanic isolation blocks low-frequency noise and reduces high-frequency noise whilst maintaining data quality
  • Discreet yet powerful and easy to install
  • Multiple EE1 units within a network can bring further improvements


English Electric EE1 Awards & Reviews

Audio Accessory Masterpiece Award (Japan) - Chord Company Epic cables & English Electric EE1


Product review: English Electric EE1 - Hi-Fi News Feb 2024

‘..the EE1 might be the last bit of finessing from which your system will benefit, rather than a universal catch-all, and is thus an add-on to be auditioned long and hard in your own ‘network environment’’ ‘In general it was atmospheric recordings, from intimate jazz to ‘big acoustic’ classical and choral, that benefited the most,...