Termination Kit: 4 x 4mm gold-plated speaker connectors

Termination Kit: 4 x 4mm gold-plated speaker connectors

Gold-plated 4mm loudspeaker connectors – pack of 4 with 2 black and 2 red caps.

Available in Z-plug, 4mm crimp-fit and 4mm screw-fit ‘banana’ versions.

Universal compatibility. Fits Chord Company speaker cables across all ranges.

Premium gold plating for reliable conductivity and durability, providing cost-effective, high-quality performance.

Crimp version is designed for Chord Company Hex-Gun crimp termination, ensuring easy and quick connections that are reliable and secure, reducing resistance, maintaining signal integrity and sound clarity.


4mm connector fitting instructions:

1. Remove approx 120mm of outer jacket from the cable to expose the conductors.

2. Fit Chord Company trousers as required, ensuring the arrow is pointing in the correct direction.

3. Strip approx 8mm from the conductor ends so bare wire is exposed.

3. For screw-fit connectors, undo the grubscrew and push the bare cable end into the recess at the rear of the connector. Tighten grubscrew on to the bare conductor until cable is securely held in place.

For crimp-fit connectors, refer to your crimp device instructions or approved Chord Company Hex-gun retailer/operator.

4. Fit colour-coded caps to provide easy identification of positive and negative cables.