Product review: Chord C-line – The Audiophile Man Dec 2014

Reviewed in October, 2014

Strike A Chord

Offering a budget interconnect for under £50, Paul Rigby reviews the Chord C-line cable.

It may be a budget cable but Chord’s C-line uses the company’s own Tuned ARAY cable creation technique (Tuned Aray was initially designed for digital cables and was a way of reducing reflections back up the cable) and was originally used on the top-of-the-line Sarum cable.

The C-line is the first cable in the Chord range to be built be a third party partner. It includes oxygen-free copper conductors and is optimally used with front-end components such as CD players, streamers and the like. Plugs are gold-plated while strain relief has been applied to the plug’s terminations. You can buy the cable in either 1m or half metre lengths.


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