Product review: Chord Sarum Digital Tuned ARAY – The Ear 2014

Reviewed in January, 2014

Chord Company Sarum Digital Tuned ARAY

Chord Co’s Tuned ARAY interconnects are intriguing cables, they have the ability to turn a dense, messy recording into musical performance. This is not something I have encountered with any other cable and proves that this part of the system is equally as important as the source, amp and speakers, possibly more so. It means that the system can no longer be used for background listening, it becomes an attention grabber for all the right reasons with material old and new. Regardless of whether played loud or soft the way people are playing, what they are playing is that much more interesting.

Tuned ARAY is a genuine game changer that brings a degree of coherence to systems that few other approaches can match, it’s expensive for cable but it’s cheap for what it does.

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