Product review: Chord Crimson, Cobra, Chameleon – Hi-Fi Pig Recommended 2013

Reviewed in August, 2013

Chord’s New Entry Level Interconnects

There are clear differences between the progression of the cables throughout this budget range. From a wonderfully musically Crimson to the wider bandwidth and quieter background in the Cobra which can retrieve more final details to the fantastically coherent, well balanced, detailed attributes that the Chameleon just grabs the listener with.

I like the generic styling of the cables, the colour coded plugs and the different colour cabling is very easy to refer to when stretching behind a rack or unit, pushing and pulling the plugs in and out. It saves having to check on heat shrink colours on a cable that is bent around from the plug onwards on its route to another piece of equipment.

I cannot do anything but recommend each of these cables for what they can achieve in their own right within their price range but will add if Chameleon is within budget, give it a try, seriously just go get one!

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