Product review: Chord Chameleon VEE 3 – Hi-Fi World review Oct 2013

Reviewed in October, 2013


Staring with the Domingo piece, I was immediately struck by the impressive level of bass output for a cable at this price point. Although not hugely deep, it gave an impression of weight and solidity that surprised me. Domingo’s voice was quite well handled although there was a tendency to a slightly nasal quality to his voice.

Changing to ‘Ja Vidi’ I found that the opening drum beats were well described and the beat had a fair amount of get up and go to it. Mid range sounds had a strong presence although the tambourine had a slightly splashy quality to it.

Bearing in mind that this cable will be partnered with budget electronics, the tonal balance should add a bit of zest to the sound while retaining a good overall balance. It could be a little forward for some systems though.


Tony Bolton, Hi-Fi World

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