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Reviewed in June, 2014

Chord Signature Tuned ARAY Cable Review

The Chord Company Signature Tuned ARAY RCA is an exceptional interconnect for the audiophile. This HiFi component is critical in any premium system and can easily prove its worth.

You will be greeted with an exceptional analogous soundstage that enables both a clearing and sense of air that is somewhat missing from other interconnects. One of the main reasons for this quality is that there is so little noise or distortion present that it allows for a clean spacious stereo image where the finer nuances have an opportunity to make themselves known without being masked or lacking detail. Often in music it is these finer nuances, or details, are the qualities that make the music; musical, pleasant, and familiar to the ears. For this reason alone the audiophile Signature Tuned ARAY RCA interconnect is a deeply impressive example of British engineering.

The Chord Company Signature Tuned ARAY RCA interconnect is a superb cable that performs exceptionally with any range of HiFi system that you use it with. This is most definitely a neutral dynamic cable that will suit all kinds of audiophiles, and provides a superb platform that does not take any detail away from the original source. This highly recommended interconnect achieves a four and a half star rating.

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